Getting Coffee the Affordable Way

There was a really big online sale this week and I got some good deals. The sale had been advertised all week and I was ready to scope out a good deal. There was a waffle iron that I purchased for nearly nothing. I found a new tabled for nearly half of the price that it normally costs. I was able to get a really good deal on a coffee maker. The coffee maker that I bought was one that I learned about from Cuppabean. The coffee maker is especially great at making delicious lattes that are better than the ones I used to buy from the coffee shop.

I could probably open a little coffee shop right out of my own home thanks to the new coffee maker that I bought. I would probably have to order another one if I got a lot of customers, but for just my friends, it wouldn’t be so bad with just one. Of course, this is based on my limited knowledge of how coffee shops operate, given that I’ve never actually worked in a coffee shop or a restaurant. It may take a lot more work to quickly serve people coffee than I realize.

I should have bought a couple more of the coffee makers to give away as gifts. A friend of mine has been using an old coffee maker that she bought many years ago. It’s a simple coffee maker that just boils the water and does a drip through a filter into a glass container. I’m sure that she would appreciate having something that can do a little more. My mother would also like one, even though she doesn’t drink coffee as much as me. I’m sure I can find another good sale on the coffee maker during the holiday season.

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