Boring School Teacher Prompts Need for Dynamic Physics Tutor

Have you ever had a teacher in school that bored you silly? I had a professor in psychology who used to drone on and on in lectures. All you had to do was listen and answer some pretty easy questions on tests to get a perfect grade. It was the listening part that got me. I am one of those students that needed more hands on learning. I needed a little excitement. This is why we sent our daughter to a physics tutor we found at when she told us how boring her teacher was in school.

She was so bored and so nervous at the same time. She was worried about getting a bad grade, but she told me that she could barely stay awake in his class. She actually got into the habit of drinking a beverage with caffeine in it before his class after lunch. She said that the combination of having lunch and then going to listen to his boring lectures would make it so she would actually start to doze off in his class. I have been there and done that in school. On the other hand, she tells me that the physics tutor really engages her mind and she doesn’t get sleepy trying to learn physics.

She wishes that the tutor was her teacher at the school. That is not going to happen, but at least she will get good grades anyway. We cannot always pick our children’s teachers for each subject for each year of education they get. And some teachers are simply better than others. Some kids learn by long droning lectures. Many do not. They need to hear, see, touch and do in order to learn complicated subjects that include the study of physics. The tutor is making a real difference in keeping her grades up in physics.

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