I Went to School to Get the Job of My Dreams

It has not been easy to feel like an outcast for most of my life. I didn’t finish college, and I do not like sitting in an office with a lot of people who cause drama with one another. I like to work on my own. This year, I finally figured out that I would like to drive a truck, so I set out to find the best truck driving school in the area. The thought of driving on long haul jobs by myself was really appealing to me. I knew that I would be in control during most of my journeys and that would allow me to make decisions on my own. Those are the types of things that make me happy.

When you drive a truck with a lot of power, you need to know what you’re doing. It was not long before I got behind the wheel for my first lesson and I quickly realized that I was really good at taking control of he vehicle. There was nothing to fear at all. Driving felt natural and made me very happy. My instructor said often that I was a natural, too. I found myself feeling disappointed when each class ended and then I was excited each day that I needed to attend another class. Continue reading I Went to School to Get the Job of My Dreams

I Decided to Buy Instagram Followers

I knew I had to make up my mind on whether or not I wanted to buy real Instagram followers. It was actually an easy decision to make, because there was only one right answer to the question. If I purchased the followers, then I could continue on and see if I could make it as an artist. If I did not purchase the followers, then I was quitting before I gave myself a real shot at making it on my own. I knew that I could still fail, but at least I would be putting myself out there and giving it an honest try.

After the pep talk I gave myself, I knew that I was going to do it. The next thing I had to figure out was which online company to buy the followers from. There are a lot of companies that do this, but I also knew that not all of them are honorable companies. Continue reading I Decided to Buy Instagram Followers

Boring School Teacher Prompts Need for Dynamic Physics Tutor

Have you ever had a teacher in school that bored you silly? I had a professor in psychology who used to drone on and on in lectures. All you had to do was listen and answer some pretty easy questions on tests to get a perfect grade. It was the listening part that got me. I am one of those students that needed more hands on learning. I needed a little excitement. This is why we sent our daughter to a physics tutor we found at https://physicstuitionsg.com when she told us how boring her teacher was in school.

She was so bored and so nervous at the same time. She was worried about getting a bad grade, but she told me that she could barely stay awake in his class. She actually got into the habit of drinking a beverage with caffeine in it before his class after lunch. Continue reading Boring School Teacher Prompts Need for Dynamic Physics Tutor